Dec 15, 2013

Master the Art of Tying the Perfect Knot with these Simple Techniques

You go to a premium store for men and pick up a nice expensive Dolce & Gabbana tie for your crucial interview next week. But once you reach home and try to tie a proper knot to see how it looks, you can’t do so, since you haven’t tied one since a long time, leaving you flabbergasted.

To avoid such situations, LuxeButik lists some simple tie knots for men and the perfect method of tying them:


Four in Hand Knot

Button the shirt till the top, turn the collar up and place the tie around the neck. Begin with placing the wide end on the right and the narrow side on the left. Cross the wide end above the narrow side. Now turn the broad end back below the narrow end.

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Carry on by taking the wide side in front of the narrow end another time. Now pull the wide side up, across the loop and around the neck. Holding the front knot formed lightly, bring down the wide end across the front loop. The last step is to slide the knot up carefully to tighten it.


Half Windsor Knot

This kind of knot is bigger and looks like a triangle. Most men prefer tying their designer ties the Half Windsor way. Adjust your tie in such a manner that the length of the wide end on the right is around 3 times more than the narrow side on the left. Take the wide side above the narrow end. Now take the wide end around and beneath the narrow side.

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Bring the wide end over the loop and tighten a little. Again keep the wide side on the narrow end, outwards. Glide the wide end past the loop around the neck. Now put the wide end through the loop formed in the front. Tighten slightly and form the knot in a triangular shape to get the classic Half Windsor knot.


Pratt Knot

This knot is suitable for all dress shirts. Ensure that the tie is inside out. Keep the wide side on the right and the narrow on the left. Place the wide end beneath the narrow side. Now hold the wide side and bring it over and beneath the narrow end. The next step is to pull the loop formed downwards and tighten it.

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Bring the wind end to the right, pull it up at the back of the loop. Lastly, get the wide side around the knot and tighten lightly.

These knots can be easily mastered with practice. Try them at home, so that the next time you pick up a designer tie for yourself from our great online boutique, LuxeButik, you’ll be able to tie it impeccably!

Jul 13, 2013

Looking for Dresses this Summer to Keep you Cool, Try these!

Onset of summer may imply lots of unbearable heat but it’s also the perfect time for girls to wear light summery dresses and flaunt their legs. Several premium labels launch their exquisite summer collections, which are not just made from the best fabrics, but also designed in line with the latest trends. Beat the heat with these stunning dresses:

1. Casual cotton dresses by Versace:

Versace Jeans Couture, a chic line of casual attire by the Italian brand offers stylish summer dresses. Crafted from cotton, these body-hugging costumes reach up to the knees. Thick black straps have zip detailing that looks extremely hip. Offered in beige, pink and white you can team lots of chunky jewellery with them.

Web-based luxury boutiques, which retail designer clothes online, provide such outfits at a good deal. To check the trending designer dresses visit our online store.

2. Try denim dresses:

Denim jeans are quite commonplace. Opt for dresses made from this fabric for a change as they are extremely comfortable and perfect for summer. Sleeveless front-button denim outfits by Dsquared feature front pockets.

They are manufactured from high-quality cotton and are available in dark blue and stone-wash blue. You could team a lace or printed shrug over the dress to brighten it up. Or wear a belt to add curves or accentuate your figure.

3. Cavalli silk outfits:

If you have to go for a formal party or sit-down dinner, then you must pick silk. It makes you look elegant for the occasion and at the same time absorbs moisture to keep you cool. Roberto Cavalli, renowned for its fine tailoring offers knee-length silk dresses in blue and black-brown. These dresses have a broad design covering the waist, which features a delicate print in white, providing a contrast.

4. Viscose, as good as cotton:

This fabric is similar to cotton in terms of greater breathability. It is light-weight and has a silky appearance. Moreover, viscose dresses drape wonderfully too. Some designer options you might like in this material include:

  • Dsquared viscose dress in orange with half-sleeves and V-neck. Team a pair of nude pumps to finish the summer ensemble.
  • Pink knee-length Cavalli dress created from 100% viscose having a beautiful floral print all over.
  • Girls can also go for a black pretty lace dress which is a blend of viscose and cotton. The V-neck sleeveless outfit can be worn for most occasions.

Give your jeans and tops a break this summer and wear these designer dresses to up the hotness quotient.

Jun 11, 2013

Wear These Exquisite Shoes & Watch Your Female Friends Turn Green With Envy

Apart from jewellery, one fashion accessory that makes a woman stand apart from the rest is a classy pair of shoes. When it comes to footwear, trends keep changing often. And it's the popular international brands that create shoes in line with the current fads. Some popular types you should be aware of include:

Elegant Formal Shoes

If you are looking to buy shoes for office wear, then opt for brands like Zanotti, Balmain, etc. which have a chic range that comprises of:
  • Black closed shoes made from leather by Zanotti with kitten heels, featuring a buckle fastening at the front.
  • Girls who wish to wear higher heels can select black leather closed stilettoes by Zanotti.
  • Black shoes with small self-print by Balmain look unique and at the same time are completely meant for office use. 

Avant-Garde Collection by Dsquared

Right from boots, pumps, stilettoes to sneakers, Dsquared creates footwear catering to every shoe-lover. Peep-toe leather shoes in black feature high heels and a lace-tie up in the front. The same style is also available in bright red and a cool plaid pattern.

Stand tall with Dsquared stilettoes having spiked pattern and towering high heels measuring more than 5 inches. Go for cute white sneakers manufactured from leather and cotton with a rubber sole, as these are ideal for sporty activities or a road trip.

Flats/Flip-Flops by Prada

Give the heels a break and relax your feet with flats that look extremely fashionable too. Open toe flats by Italian label Prada are very comfortable yet edgy. Side buckle closure provides support at the back. Take your pick from versatile shades such as black, cream, pink and gold.

Must-Have Shoes for Your Party Ensemble

Grab instant attention at a bash with the following stylish shoes:
  • Unique wedges from Etro featuring fabric tie-ups and a peep-toe design. The same multi-coloured fabric is wrapped around the heel as well.
  • Burgundy closed leather pumps designed by Ferre for women who prefer the royal look.
  • Miu Miu brown leather mules that can go well with almost any outfit.
  • Chic pair of light-grey platform shoes by Stella McCartney. It has a wooden base and a conical wooden heel.
  • Purple platform pumps by Just Cavalli created from leather that has a dash of leopard print.

Lay your hands on these designer shoes right away to step out in style. Web-based fashion boutiques allow you to acquire these shoes for less by offering great bargains.

Apr 23, 2013

The Different Styles of Tuxedos

Women are not the only ones who fuss about what they’re going to wear on their wedding day. Even the men go to extreme lengths to find the best formal wear that would befit the occasion.

If the only outfit you have ever worn that falls under the formal category is a suit and tie, then you definitely need to become acquainted with the tuxedo. After all, a blushing bride would prefer her dashing groom to share the limelight with her on that very special day.

There are two distinct types of tuxedos – daytime tuxedo and nighttime tuxedo. What differentiates one from the other? Well, a daytime tuxedo is usually worn during events that start before 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Daytime-appropriate tuxedos are often dark gray or pinstripe. Moreover, you won’t see full tails on these. Usually, a tuxedo designed for daywear is single breasted, which is normally considered “informal and casual.” The lapels should either be shawl-type that features a smooth, continuous curve or notched lapels (a standard for single-breasted tuxedos), which is sewn to the collar at an angle, creating a step effect.

Tuxedos designed for evening events are often double breasted with peaked lapels. The top line of peaked lapels slants up from a horizontal position, coming to a point and leaves a very narrow space between the collar and the lapel. Obviously, black is the most appropriate color for nighttime tuxedos.

Another feature of tuxedos that you need to pay close attention to is the number of buttons. If your taste in clothing veers toward the unconventional, then you might enjoy wearing a 3-button tuxedo. This type of tuxedo lends a modern American look to whoever wears it. Nevertheless, this style is more fitting for tall and slim men. On the other hand, you can never go wrong with a 2-button tuxedo, which is considered a classic.

Of course, the wisest course of action is to consult a specialist who will stop at nothing to make sure you look dapper on your wedding day. The staff in most shops that offer wedding tuxedo rentals are well-equipped to handle your questions and give you proper advice when it comes to choosing a tuxedo.

Overall, finding the perfect tuxedo to wear on your wedding may seem like a daunting task. That’s why it pays to read and gain insight on the different types of tuxedos before you go tuxedo hunting. As long as you are armed with the right knowledge and you know how to ask the right questions, finding the perfect ensemble would be a piece of cake.

However, whether you are buying or renting a tuxedo, never go overboard. Always lean in the conservative direction. Tuxedos in crazy colors with matching cummerbunds in astonishing colors are a big no-no. Going for the classic, traditional look is always the most comfortable route to take. Remember, cameras will be trained on you and your bride on your wedding day. You would certainly want to look stylish and elegant on your wedding pictures, so stick to the basics and you’ll never go wrong.

About the Author:

Seth Connolly is an SEO copywriter for an online formalwear business. He has written a variety of topics about formal suits, tuxedos, black-tie suits, wedding suits, and many more.

Apr 1, 2013

Introducing the New Wardrobe Essential – The Classic Black Skirt

Fashion experts have always stressed on the importance of the little black dress (LBD) and how it is an absolute must-have for every girl. However, there exists another piece of clothing that has been donned by females since years and it still continues to be timeless – The Black Skirt!

Sensual yet sophisticated, the black skirt is indeed a wardrobe staple. Whether you want to wear it to work, a movie or to a swish club, you’ll find it to be the perfect skirt for every occasion. Moreover, international designer labels offer a wide range of skirts in this popular shade. Some of them include:

Straight Skirt by Gucci

This is a slim or straight skirt that hangs straight from the hips and tapers slightly towards the hemline. It usually consists of 2 simple pleats and flatters most body types. A black straight skirt from Gucci reaches the knees and has an unconventional, broad leather belt.

Cavalli Class A-line Skirts

This type of skirt basically hugs the waist-line and spreads out at the hem, making the hemline border larger than the waist. Majority of A-line skirts end just below the knee and are suitable for both office and casual wear. Cavalli Class has a varied collection of such skirts in black:

  • A-line skirt crafted from viscose, featuring a slim black belt and zip closure at the rear. Plain yet elegant, it’s perfect to be worn to work.
  • Black viscose A-line skirt with a striking golden belt hung slightly low. Ideal for dinners or post-office bashes.

Girls can browse through such designer clothes online via web-based luxury boutiques and take their pick.

Balmain Pencil Skirt

Unlike the straight skirt, the pencil skirt is not so forgiving in terms of fit. It is more body-hugging and greatly tapers at the hem. French label Balmain offers a stylish black pencil skirt with zip detailing at the front.

Mini-Skirt from Galliano
These skimpy skirts are ideal for girls who wish to flaunt their toned pins. Black minis are a hot favourite, especially at parties. Check out the sensuous mini-skirt from Galliano. Made from leather and silk, this black skirt has black and silver tassel detailing all over. Team it with a dressy top and a pair of silver stilettoes.

Just like the LBD, the black skirt is totally versatile. With several styles available, you’ll have no problems to buy skirts that fit your body beautifully.

Feb 27, 2013

Being Fashion Cool

If it’s in you, that looking fabulous is no longer a choice but an obligation: then you are trending. There is nothing as superb as being trendy in the attire we put on. This is what brings in us a sense of satisfaction in our lives. There are certain things that people think of fashion that are not necessarily true. These are:

Being Trendy Is Expensive

Actually this can only be described as a mere myth that has no meaningful basis. When an individual is comfortable about their wear, they will confident about themselves. This in turn fills them with the right positive energy. The fashion circles have an acronym for that: they describe being trendy as being either killed or having swag. Well, it doesn’t matter what they call it, as long as there is the satisfaction derived from the said trendy habits. People were created in a way that, they always want the best for themselves. They aspire for profound things in life. This is the beauty of fashion; it compliments this fact for sure. People can always get whatever they want at a favorable price.

Choosing The Right Attire

When you desire to make a fashion statement: a lot of thought should go to the detailed design. What the design entails and your purpose for the design. The Moment in time is also another imperative consideration to make. Men especially should focus on being trendy in every season. The fashion bug was not reserved for women. Men too, have the responsibility of being in their best form. They should embrace current trends for the sake of themselves as well as their girlfriends and wives. It brings a lot of satisfaction to them as they appreciate their men’s fashion sense.

The cold season brings forth numerous fashion mishaps for men especially. Most people don’t think it’s necessary to look stunning during this period. This is wrong. There are so many attires that protect one from the biting cold and still make fashion statements. The most popular brand is the SNS Herning. It has a variety of these attires and most men find their attires extremely trendy. The cold season apparels range from the popular stark. This is a man’s favorite due to the fact that it’s fitting and made from pure virgin wool: the finest materials. The other common attire is the Fisher man zip. This is for those men who adore the neck length zipped attires. It is also made from pure virgin wool. This fact alone makes it very lovable. It’s warm and only weighs a kilogram.

There are plenty of such attires. These include the fang, ornament and the version. The leather garments are imperative in every man’s wardrobe. They define a man’s comprehension of superb trends.

Women as well as children have a responsibility to be trendy. They are supposed to look fabulous in their attires. The store has a wide variety of their preferred attire. Apart from the under tubular scarf, women can get themselves the heavy scarf. It’s warm as well as trendy and it’s a piece to die for.

About The Author

[This is a Guest Post by Tiina]

Tiina is a high profile stylist and she recently launched Tiina The Store.

Jan 31, 2013

Irresistible Boots For Ladies, Fashioned By Celebrity Designers

Whether it’s Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, or American actress Liv Tyler, every girl likes to flaunt her pair of boots.

This type of footwear provides full coverage and looks extremely chic. Wear high boots with dresses and skirts on cold days or add style to your denims with ankle length boots. You should possess a pair or 2 of these, since they increase the usefulness of your garments. Some high-end brands, renowned for their boots collection include:

See By Chloe Ankle-Length Boots

Ankle boots look great with most of your clothes. They look edgy and yet feminine at the same time. See By Chloe has a diverse range of these boots in different types of heels and numerous shades.
Check out the stylish Chloe ankle-length boots with a ribbed ankle woollen cuff. These leather boots have a lace-up closure and a chunky heel measuring around 3.7 inches. Choose from black or stone brown.
Women can acquire these boots for less from online fashion boutiques, which offer a wide array of boots at discounted rates.

Dolce&Gabbana High Suede Boots for Winter

Good-quality suede boots are ideal during wintertime as they keep your legs warm. Flat suede boots from D&G reach a little below the knees and provide warmth. Available in colours such as black and green, these boots have a flap that folds over the top and looks extremely neat.

Biker Boots by Balmain

If you are going for a biking trip with your friends, majority of the girls will wear athletic shoes. Make heads turn by ditching the conventional sports shoes and wear motorcycle boots. French label Balmain offers such shoes crafted from leather in two shades. One is ivory white biker boots with conical shaped rivets in metallic silver accented all over the boots. These calf-high boots have a round toe and an approximate 1 inch heel with a rubber sole.
You can also pick black motorcycle boots that are of the same height and have a block heel. Both the boots have adjustable buckle fastening straps. Now that you are aware about some trendy footwear, the next time you intend to buy shoes, have a close look at the boots in particular. There are several brands that design boots, hence you should take your time and pick a pair that is comfortable and also enhances your personality.