May 2, 2011

Style Tips For Plus Size Women

 Plus-size women are no longer marginalized by the fashion world. They are a now included in major fashion magazines and fashion houses. Style trends and seasonal wardrobes offered by talented designers have greatly enriched the fashion choices of larger style-conscious women.

Vertical Lines

 Look for clothes and accessories that emphasize vertical lines to makes you appear taller and slimmer. Wear outfits with vertical patterns or stripes and elongated necklines such as v-necks or vertical cowls to create the illusion of a thinner body.

Focal Point

Use focal points, such as jewelry, bright or patterned scarves or colorful shoes to draw attention to certain parts of the body and away from others. For instance, draw attention to the top half of your body by wearing dark or neutral pants or skirts with colorful blouses.

Avoid Oversized Clothes

Don't wear dresses, pants or blouses that are too large. You will look bigger than you are and attract attention areas you want to de-emphasize. Instead of adding volume to your body, choose clothes that are properly tailored and have slimming, vertical lines.

Wear the Right Bra

 Breasts should sit no lower than the midpoint between elbow and shoulder. This elongates the distance between breasts and hips, giving the illusion of a smaller waist. It's worth a visit to a department store where you can be properly fitted. Bras that are too small are uncomfortable and make you look bigger, not smaller, when flesh bulges out where it shouldn't.

Wear Longer A-line skirts

The clean lines of a below-the-knee, A-line skirt make you look slimmer and taller. If you wear boots, make sure the skirt hem covers the top your boots to avoid breaking the vertical line.

Straight cut pants

Wear straight leg jeans or pants to give your body a continuous vertical line, making you appear slimmer. Stretch denim is comfortable while maintaining its snug fit. Choose neutral colors like brown, gray, black, dark green or navy. Avoid patterns or bright colored pants. Plus sized figures are not complimented by tapered or fitted pant legs.

Accessorize Strategically

Pay attention when you choose accessories and shoes. Wear shoes with heels of at least one inch to lengthen the body. Belts can flatter an hourglass figure. Long necklaces and pendants, and long scarves tied loosely around the neck contribute to a slimming vertical line. Avoid chokers.

Plus Size Petites

Overly long plus size tops, sweaters, and jackets can make a short body frame look even shorter. Wear tops and jackets that stop at the hip bone to make your legs look longer.

Exercise Caution with Patterns

Never wear an entire outfit of all one pattern with no solid color to break it up. An exception to this rule is a patterned dress, but make sure the size of the pattern doesn't overwhelm your height. Larger prints are for taller women. If you are wearing a skirt, top and jacket, only one of these should have a pattern.

Apr 13, 2011

Red Soles Are His; Says French Fashion Designer

Fashion News:

Paris-based designer Christian Louboutin, whose pumps have graced many fabulous and famous feet, sued fashion rival Yves Saint Laurent over the use of the color red on shoe soles.

"Mr. Louboutin is the first designer to develop the idea of having red soles on women's shoes," said the trademark infringement lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court on Thursday.

Since January, Louboutin said in the suit, he has asked luxury company Yves Saint Laurent America, a subsidiary of the Gucci Group, to stop selling red-soled shoes in the same select Manhattan stores as he does.

"Defendants' use of red footwear outsoles that are virtually identical to plaintiffs' Red Sole Mark is likely to cause and is causing confusion, mistake and deception among the relevant purchasing public," the suit said.

The suit asks for a U.S. judge to impose $1 million in damages and order YSL to stop manufacturing similar designs.

The Gucci Group was not available for comment and the U.S. branch of Yves Saint Laurent declined comment on the lawsuit.

Since shortly after Louboutin founded his first boutique in 1991 in Paris, the suit said, all his shoes have had red-lacquered soles. They can fetch more than $1,000 a pair.

"The Red Sole has become synonymous with Christian Louboutin and high fashion," it said, adding that Louboutin had trademarked the design in the United States in 2008.

Jan 20, 2011

TERESA SCANLAN - Winner Of Miss America 2011

Miss America 2011 - TERESA SCANLAN

Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska, is crowned Miss America 2011 during the Las Vegas pageant on Saturday night.

Teresa Scanlan, (born February 6, 1993 ) is an American beauty pageant titleholder from Gering, Nebraska who was named Miss Nebraska 2010, subsequently winning Miss America 2011 and becoming the youngest Miss America since Bette Cooper in 1937

She won the Miss America title on January 15, 2011, becoming the first Miss Nebraska to win the title, and the youngest winner in 74 years.

Jan 10, 2011

Victoria's Secret models stretch wings on runway

Add a pair of wings to the backs of many models and you'll find they walk even taller than their long, lean stiletto-wearing frames normally do.

Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton are the newest to win Victoria's Secret "angel" status reserved for its top models, and that means they got some of the best outfits to wear in the retailer's annual catwalk show that will be shown Tuesday night on CBS.

At their fittings, though, these young women kept their eyes wide, their attitude humble and gave off more of the girl-next-door vibe than jaded fashionista.

Meet them:

_Lily Aldridge jokes that she's becoming so used to walking around in her underwear — in front of a crowd, to boot — that it's beginning to feel a little "weird" to be fully dressed.

In preparation for the big, televised splash on the runway, Aldridge, 25, says she does extra sessions of pilates and kickboxing — and the dreaded series of 100 crunches, leg lifts and rear-end lifts. She also tries not to eat sugar, she says, but she'll go back to cooking steak, peas and mashed potatoes, and playing shuffleboard when she visits her family in Nashville.

She wasn't a shoo-in for Victoria's Secret, although it's been a longtime aspiration. "Every year, there's always a big photo op, and you'd see the models looking so pretty and so happy. Remember the year of the pink-and-white matching outfits as they stepped off the jet? I wanted that."

Aldridge went to a casting about 18 months ago, got a catalog gig and then won a slot in last year's show as one of the models in the teen-oriented Pink portion of the catwalk.

Her mother came to this year's show, taped earlier this month, when Aldridge wore a gingham push-up bra and matching panty and a one-shoulder, balloon-bottom, micro-minidress.

"My mom is over the moon about this. ... I don't know if she can handle it," Aldridge says. "I'm sure when I'm on the runway, she's screaming at the top of her lungs."

Aldridge says some people will now recognize her as she's walking down the street. But her boyfriend, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, has yet to see to see her life-size, pinup poster that previously hung in the window of the store in her downtown Manhattan neighborhood. "Hopefully they'll put me back in," she says.

_Erin Heatherton, an Illinois native, doesn't go on any of her globe-trotting fashion shoots without her iPad. She needs a constant, eclectic soundtrack to her work, fun and travels, she says.

Currently Heatherton is playing a mix of Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Hall & Oates, Tito Fuentes, LL Cool J and Tupac Shakur.

Her other must-have is the Rodin Olio Lusso botanical-based face oil that she uses to keep her skin hydrated. "I like to take care of my skin on my downtime," she says. In the days leading up to the Victoria's Secret show, her skin started to "freak out."

"I put calming cream on my face — and then I went out that way. Some people looked at me, but I don't care, my skin comes first," Heatherton says.

Most people don't put it together that she of the fresh-scrubbed face doubles as the glamorous model who wore a gold-warrior capelet and peacock panty on the runway, as well as a sequined boxing bra.

"Sometimes people know me when I'm shopping in the store, but, otherwise, I transform a lot with makeup. My look is normally almost boyish and very young looking," says the 21-year-old.

She's fallen in with a crowd of friends that includes several of the other Victoria's Secret models, and that makes her a little less nervous about the show. It means there's some fun happening backstage — and maybe on the runway itself, she says.

"I shoot for Victoria's Secret all year, so every day I do that, I have to be at my best. That means I have to be sleeping, having dinner with friends and be relaxed. I am always eating healthy and working out — but I had chocolate last night."

_Candice Swanepoel gets "in a zone" that's positive, upbeat and confident when it's time to model lingerie on the catwalk. Yes, the thought of stumbling in the heels does cross her mind, but that happens more in the weeks beforehand than on actual show night.

"Getting down to your knickers in front of the whole world is a little nerve-racking, but I love it," she says. "I feel very comfortable in my own skin, and it's our moment to shine."

It's the 22-year-old South African who has been the face of the runway show this year, with her face featured on ads, in displays and on the invitation received by celebrities, stylists and fashion editors.

But when Swanepoel gets the retailer's catalog in the mail, she'll study her own photos and look for flaws that surely no one else would notice.

Christmastime is when she'll let down her guard a little bit when it comes to exercise, but eating right and being fit is part of her job, she explains. The free time she does have is spent on the beach. "Being cold is not something that comes naturally to me," she says.

Because of that, her cold-weather uniform usually includes leather pants and several scarves.

She's also not a stranger to cozy, comfortable designer clothes that allow her to hunker down with her new Jack Russell terrier, Luna, and indulge in her homebody tendencies, she says.

Tell that to her midriff-baring gingham bra and bustle set — covered up just a bit with a red crocheted sweater.

Jan 8, 2011

Advantages Of bargain Clothes Online

Most of us are fun of buying such products in a cheaper cost. Sometimes, we don't see on the quality of the products or items we buy. As long as we buy it in lower cost, we are already satisfied to have it. But you know, that kind of mentality is not right. If we buy a certain products don't just look for the cheaper price. Always look for the quality of the material being used in the product you want to buy. There are some disadvantage of buying a products which is cheaper in cost but substandard in material. One reason is the defects of the material of the product which is easily damage.

For example you buy a fake leather shoes or synthetic leather shoes which 4 times cheaper than the real material leather shoes. When you use already the fake leather shoes, it was damage already. In this situation, if you buy the real leather material shoes that cost much expensive but you can rely on the quality of it that last for more that a year. While the fake leather shoes is only last for a few weeks. If you keep on buying a fake leather shoes, you can spend much than the price of the original leather shoes. But let us focus on how does the bargain clothes online have the advantage.

There are lot of bargain clothes online. But one way of having an advantage of buying those products are make sure of the authentic items that made probably by the brand of the items as the company of it. Always keep on the quality of the products. Not all bargain clothes online are original. Be sure of the original clothes that came to their brand manufacturer. And search the reliable website that offers the bargain products. Bargain products online have different in concept and different in reasons why they offer discount products. The most probable reasons are, they promote new products and a regular giving of discount products in every season. The advantage in buying this products are totally satisfied in our pockets. Because we can buy more products or items in lower cost. But in buying the discounted clothes online, make sure of the website that offers the bargain clothes. Check the sites if it is reliable on their products. In lot of websites that offers discount clothes, there are fakes and there are originals. Before you transact with them be sure on the reliable content of the sites.

Another advantage of Bargain clothes online is easy shopping with lower price. You don't have to go in a department store just to buy those staff. By searching online you can buy them immediately. Ans of course you can save time and effort as well as gas into your car. Bargain clothes are not regular offers in certain websites that offer clothes and accessories. They are seasonal or once only appeared online. So, in order to up-to-date in every bargain clothes online always do a regular searches in reliable websites so that you will know they offer bargain products.