Jun 19, 2012

Designer Sunglasses - A Gracious Touch To Your Charming Face

Designer sunglasses are among those rare fashion accessories that are just bound to be noticed. Be it vintage, petite or over-sized, they are worn by Hollywood stars, models, socialites, musicians and other patrons who like the extra dash of glamour and style that sunglasses add to their personality. Superior quality of the lenses and frames employed in making these sunglasses along with their durability makes designer sunglasses a must-have for every fashion enthusiast. Some of the top sunglasses brands that celebrities and fashionistas alike swear by include:

Burberry has been on the fashion circuit since ages, creating timeless pieces of bags, clothes for men and women, perfumes, shoes, accessories, etc. Essentially a British luxury brand, Burberry’s range of sunglasses comprises of styles such as aviators, shield, etc. all made with a modern look. Majority of the sunglasses of this brand feature the signature plaid detailing, making them an archetypal sign of British fashion.

A brand synonymous for aviator shades, Ray-Ban is among the most powerful brands in the history of sunglasses. Ray-Ban originally made aviators for pilots but the following year onwards, they started selling them to the consumers. Exemplary aviators are still a hot favorite among the youth and they continue to be appreciated. Sunglasses designed by Ray-Ban are contemporary and at the same time, they are an incredible combination of comfort and functionality.

Dolce & Gabbana
All of us are aware about this Italian fashion house that is renowned for its line of clothing, handbags, shoes and sunglasses. Catering to luxury consumers across the world, D&G sunglasses are more casual and their collection includes trendy sunglasses in styles such as round, shield, bug-eye, wraparound and of course aviator. For fashion lovers who are looking for sunglasses that are affordable yet stylish, D&G is an ideal choice. Exceptionally versatile, this brand is always in line with the current fashion trends.

Oakley is already an established player when it comes to sports eyewear. It is popular for sporty sunglasses that can be worn during outdoor sports such as bicycling, skiing, etc. Oakley primarily pays attention to polarized sunglasses, which are offered in impeccable designs exhibiting style and elegance. It has a varied range of products but you could find more of wrap-around style shades with curved lenses. Genuine designer sunglasses that are enthused with both sports and fashion is what a buyer can expect from Oakley.

Basically from Austria, Carrera is one of the most sought after brands. Their sunglasses are loved by several celebrities and sports enthusiasts around the world. Falling in the mid-level price segment, these designer sunglasses are not as expensive when compared to other luxury brands. Since decades, Carrera has been successful in merging innovation and technique to create trendy shades of various styles that look classy and provide immense comfort. Moreover, the unique frames and bold color patterns give these sunglasses a timeless picture of style.

There are a variety of styles and shapes you can choose from, for example, aviator, wrap, oval, shield, wayfarer, round, rectangle in different colors. However, a pair of black or grey aviators has always been a basic essential that goes well with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. For individuals looking for a different alternative, take into account your skin tone and face cut while choosing your desired pair of designer sunglasses. Try all the shapes to decide which one is best-suited for you and makes you stand apart from the rest.