Dec 31, 2012

Wrap Classy Scarves Around Your Neck To Compliment Your Attire

A timeless fashion accessory, a scarf is useful, since it keeps you warm and at the same time, it effortlessly adds a pretty punch to any outfit. Women can wear a scarf with t-shirts, blouses or even dresses to look exceptionally stylish. Considering the festive season, various premium labels launch exclusive scarfs that look great when teamed with your party outfit. Some of them include:



This French fashion house offers scarfs in different colours and prints. A plaid Dior scarf, which is a combination of white, black and grey will go with most of your outfits. The scarf edges have thread tassels. If you like prints, a blue and white figurative print silk scarf made by this brand is extremely elegant.


A green scarf made from wool and viscose will brighten up a plain ensemble. Monogram scarfs by this Italian luxury brand are immensely popular among fashionistas. You’ll love the soft feel of a wool and silk with the Fendi monogram scarf, which is available in light brown. One can buy such trendy designer wear online at reduced rates by means of web-based fashion boutiques.

Dolce & Gabbana

If you are looking for a warm scarf to keep you cosy throughout the party, check out the black D&G scarf, crafted completely out of virgin wool. Scarf lovers may also like a light-weight cotton and wool scarf in a dark grey shade, designed by this label.


Those who like two-tone scarfs would certainly love the range offered by Balmain. A black and grey woollen scarf with the brand name embroidered at the ends is simple yet trendy.

Once you buy scarfs as per your choice, you just can’t wrap them around your neck. A scarf can be tied in many ways. One of the popular styles is the Challah braid which stays put around the neck without being stiff.

Learn this style in 4 easy steps:
  •    Fold the scarf in half first and drape it over your neck
  •    Reach over the loop in order to get hold of the 2 edges of the scarf
  •    Pull the scarf through so as to form another mini-loop
  •    Now take the 2 ends and pull them over the other mini-ring which you have created

Voila! A warm, interwoven scarf is neatly created and you are all set for the party.

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Dec 6, 2012

Stylish Winter Jackets That Will Keep You Toasty Warm

Winter is almost upon us, which implies it’s high time every one of us start hunting for a mens jacket or two for the winter. It often becomes difficult to decide if we fight for the next complete year with that old winter buddy or go ahead and ditch it for a fashionable new winter jacket.

Men’s jackets have come a long way in function and style. In the last few years, they have become more versatile, stylish and sleek. Mens jackets are available in a variety of styles and each style possesses some specific features that stand out from others.

For the chilly weather, designer jackets that work like windbreakers shield your body from harsh climatic conditions. Top designers such as Armani, D&G, CNC and Dsquared have come up with winter jackets that are lightweight and easy to maneuver in. Some of mens designer jackets in the offering from these labels repel sleet and rain, which people who love being outdoors find appealing.

In case you are baffled about which jacket to throw on for that royal look and as a shield from icy weathers, here’s about a couple of top rulers in mens and womens jacket world.


Designer label Armani has revealed top quality, affordable and incredible designer jackets that can be worn with just about anything from dress suits to casuals.

•    Long Sleeve Zipper Jacket

Bordeaux or a black long sleeve Armani jacket with zipper will simplify your stylish look if worn with jeans that matches with the jacket’s color. The jacket contains a detachable hood, slash pockets and snap/zipper closures. The jacket is made of polyamide material, which keeps you warm in biting cold weathers.


•    Long Sleeve Dark Blue Quilted Jacket

For those who love being outdoors, Barbour has many innumerable jackets and coats to choose from; however some of you would be afraid to wear a jacket with that different look. Barbour’s quilted jackets are an impeccable mélange of polyester and polyamide and are available in light blue, olive and dark blue shades.

While your look is important, choosing appropriate material such as polyamide or polyester is essential since it suits windy weathers. Winter coats can be expensive as well as affordable. Though you pay a little extra for jackets from designers like Armani or Barbour, it is worth investing since these convey fashion and last long in extreme climates.