May 2, 2011

Style Tips For Plus Size Women

 Plus-size women are no longer marginalized by the fashion world. They are a now included in major fashion magazines and fashion houses. Style trends and seasonal wardrobes offered by talented designers have greatly enriched the fashion choices of larger style-conscious women.

Vertical Lines

 Look for clothes and accessories that emphasize vertical lines to makes you appear taller and slimmer. Wear outfits with vertical patterns or stripes and elongated necklines such as v-necks or vertical cowls to create the illusion of a thinner body.

Focal Point

Use focal points, such as jewelry, bright or patterned scarves or colorful shoes to draw attention to certain parts of the body and away from others. For instance, draw attention to the top half of your body by wearing dark or neutral pants or skirts with colorful blouses.

Avoid Oversized Clothes

Don't wear dresses, pants or blouses that are too large. You will look bigger than you are and attract attention areas you want to de-emphasize. Instead of adding volume to your body, choose clothes that are properly tailored and have slimming, vertical lines.

Wear the Right Bra

 Breasts should sit no lower than the midpoint between elbow and shoulder. This elongates the distance between breasts and hips, giving the illusion of a smaller waist. It's worth a visit to a department store where you can be properly fitted. Bras that are too small are uncomfortable and make you look bigger, not smaller, when flesh bulges out where it shouldn't.

Wear Longer A-line skirts

The clean lines of a below-the-knee, A-line skirt make you look slimmer and taller. If you wear boots, make sure the skirt hem covers the top your boots to avoid breaking the vertical line.

Straight cut pants

Wear straight leg jeans or pants to give your body a continuous vertical line, making you appear slimmer. Stretch denim is comfortable while maintaining its snug fit. Choose neutral colors like brown, gray, black, dark green or navy. Avoid patterns or bright colored pants. Plus sized figures are not complimented by tapered or fitted pant legs.

Accessorize Strategically

Pay attention when you choose accessories and shoes. Wear shoes with heels of at least one inch to lengthen the body. Belts can flatter an hourglass figure. Long necklaces and pendants, and long scarves tied loosely around the neck contribute to a slimming vertical line. Avoid chokers.

Plus Size Petites

Overly long plus size tops, sweaters, and jackets can make a short body frame look even shorter. Wear tops and jackets that stop at the hip bone to make your legs look longer.

Exercise Caution with Patterns

Never wear an entire outfit of all one pattern with no solid color to break it up. An exception to this rule is a patterned dress, but make sure the size of the pattern doesn't overwhelm your height. Larger prints are for taller women. If you are wearing a skirt, top and jacket, only one of these should have a pattern.