Apr 20, 2012

Now Feel Youthful and Studly From Inside, with Armani Underwear!

Armani Underwear

Emporio Armani uses elegant fabrics and the creativity of top quality designers to mould their men’s undergarments – Armani underwear. Fabrics such as stretch and modal cotton are the key Armani selections to make their designer underwear. These materials deliver the highest level of snugness; perfectly trim fit and the ability to last long. Armani underwear comes in varied forms and styles such as button fly knit boxers, modal trunks, cotton hip briefs, cotton stretch trunks, cotton stretch briefs and Emporio Armani briefs. All of these are marked with the Emporio Armani logo, so that you know you’re dressed to make heads turn!
The Journey to the Zenith
Armani was incepted in 1981 by acclaimed designer, Giorgio Armani. By 2001, Armani had propelled to the title of ‘the most famous and successful designer in the world’. Armani has launched numerous collections and has the highest endorsements in the fashion industry. In 2008, the world was stunned to see David Beckham flaunt Armani underwear on the billboard. Women rushed to the stores to grab Armani underwear for their men. Every fashion-cautious woman dreamed of seeing her man wearing nothing but Armani underwear. Armani underwear became the rage and it’s been 4 years now, the craze has not faded away. 

You Name a Style - Armani Has It!
Amani UnderwearYou name a style and Emporio Armani underwear has it in its collection. The Big Eagle collection boasts of a giant Emporio Armani eagle on the briefs. No other collection can beat this, if a man wants to conspicuously show the world that he is donning the best brand, yet wants to enjoy the snugness of this brand. The Eagle collection also displays an eagle; however it’s printed on a stretch cotton trunk. The stretch jersey and the stretch cotton collection are the epitome of comfort and stretch. People are crazy for Emporio Armani 3 packs comprising of Armani underwear, a cotton boxer and a tee. The Natural Cotton collection offers cotton Armani underwear, for men who prefer cotton for its simplicity and soothing feeling. If you’re looking for a slim fit, go for the cotton briefs. If you want to grab one among the softest Armani underwear collection, peek into the modal collection.
Armani underwear has won the title of ‘the best underwear’, countless times in surveys worldwide. The Armani Stretch Cotton trunk sports a cotton cloth finished stretch cotton jersey, making it the best for everyday use.

A man wearing Armani looks comfortable, seductive, youthful, studly and the most of all, confidant. Emporio Armani keeps coming up with hip, stylish new pieces for men to try and look fashionable. So what are you ladies waiting for? Go grab Armani underwear for your man and surprise him with the best gift ever – Armani underwear!