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Dec 15, 2013

Master the Art of Tying the Perfect Knot with these Simple Techniques

You go to a premium store for men and pick up a nice expensive Dolce & Gabbana tie for your crucial interview next week. But once you reach home and try to tie a proper knot to see how it looks, you can’t do so, since you haven’t tied one since a long time, leaving you flabbergasted.

To avoid such situations, LuxeButik lists some simple tie knots for men and the perfect method of tying them:


Four in Hand Knot

Button the shirt till the top, turn the collar up and place the tie around the neck. Begin with placing the wide end on the right and the narrow side on the left. Cross the wide end above the narrow side. Now turn the broad end back below the narrow end.

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Carry on by taking the wide side in front of the narrow end another time. Now pull the wide side up, across the loop and around the neck. Holding the front knot formed lightly, bring down the wide end across the front loop. The last step is to slide the knot up carefully to tighten it.


Half Windsor Knot

This kind of knot is bigger and looks like a triangle. Most men prefer tying their designer ties the Half Windsor way. Adjust your tie in such a manner that the length of the wide end on the right is around 3 times more than the narrow side on the left. Take the wide side above the narrow end. Now take the wide end around and beneath the narrow side.

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Bring the wide end over the loop and tighten a little. Again keep the wide side on the narrow end, outwards. Glide the wide end past the loop around the neck. Now put the wide end through the loop formed in the front. Tighten slightly and form the knot in a triangular shape to get the classic Half Windsor knot.


Pratt Knot

This knot is suitable for all dress shirts. Ensure that the tie is inside out. Keep the wide side on the right and the narrow on the left. Place the wide end beneath the narrow side. Now hold the wide side and bring it over and beneath the narrow end. The next step is to pull the loop formed downwards and tighten it.

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Bring the wind end to the right, pull it up at the back of the loop. Lastly, get the wide side around the knot and tighten lightly.

These knots can be easily mastered with practice. Try them at home, so that the next time you pick up a designer tie for yourself from our great online boutique, LuxeButik, you’ll be able to tie it impeccably!