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Jul 13, 2013

Looking for Dresses this Summer to Keep you Cool, Try these!

Onset of summer may imply lots of unbearable heat but it’s also the perfect time for girls to wear light summery dresses and flaunt their legs. Several premium labels launch their exquisite summer collections, which are not just made from the best fabrics, but also designed in line with the latest trends. Beat the heat with these stunning dresses:

1. Casual cotton dresses by Versace:

Versace Jeans Couture, a chic line of casual attire by the Italian brand offers stylish summer dresses. Crafted from cotton, these body-hugging costumes reach up to the knees. Thick black straps have zip detailing that looks extremely hip. Offered in beige, pink and white you can team lots of chunky jewellery with them.

Web-based luxury boutiques, which retail designer clothes online, provide such outfits at a good deal. To check the trending designer dresses visit our online store.

2. Try denim dresses:

Denim jeans are quite commonplace. Opt for dresses made from this fabric for a change as they are extremely comfortable and perfect for summer. Sleeveless front-button denim outfits by Dsquared feature front pockets.

They are manufactured from high-quality cotton and are available in dark blue and stone-wash blue. You could team a lace or printed shrug over the dress to brighten it up. Or wear a belt to add curves or accentuate your figure.

3. Cavalli silk outfits:

If you have to go for a formal party or sit-down dinner, then you must pick silk. It makes you look elegant for the occasion and at the same time absorbs moisture to keep you cool. Roberto Cavalli, renowned for its fine tailoring offers knee-length silk dresses in blue and black-brown. These dresses have a broad design covering the waist, which features a delicate print in white, providing a contrast.

4. Viscose, as good as cotton:

This fabric is similar to cotton in terms of greater breathability. It is light-weight and has a silky appearance. Moreover, viscose dresses drape wonderfully too. Some designer options you might like in this material include:

  • Dsquared viscose dress in orange with half-sleeves and V-neck. Team a pair of nude pumps to finish the summer ensemble.
  • Pink knee-length Cavalli dress created from 100% viscose having a beautiful floral print all over.
  • Girls can also go for a black pretty lace dress which is a blend of viscose and cotton. The V-neck sleeveless outfit can be worn for most occasions.

Give your jeans and tops a break this summer and wear these designer dresses to up the hotness quotient.